Tips and tidbits for Try-outs

It’s getting close to that time.

Try-outs are coming up next week, are you ready?

Try-outs will work something like this:

You will be put into a group of 3-4 other teammates.  You will play everyone in your pod.  JV try-outs will play 2 out of 3 short sets with a tiebreak, while Varsity will be playing 2 out of 3 full sets, no ad, with a 10 point tiebreak in lieu of a 3rd set.

The players with the top results at JV will be invited back for varsity try-outs the next day.

It is hot.  It is a lot of tennis (especially if you haven’t played tennis all summer).


  1. bring water, Gatorade, and snacks. It will be hot, and you will need energy.  Drink lots of water, Gatorade before you start the day and in-between matches.  snack on something wholesome between matches.
  2.  Wear light, dri-fit type clothes, and bring a change of clothes.  You might have time to run home and take a shower between matches, but you might not.  Be ready, and try to stay as cool as you can.
  3. hat and sunscreen.  Even if you don’t like to play in hats, keeping the sun out of your face will help out more than you think.
  4. Eat good things before, during, and after.  Protein and good carbs the night before can help you maintain throughout the next day.  Pasta is really good to help maintain that energy.  Fruits and veggies during the day and after.
  5. stay away from junk food.  Fried foods, junk food full of bad carbs, and sodas will make your day less pleasant than you want it to be.  Eat right and hydrate.

Try to stay as cool as you can, but make sure that you are still aware of whats going on through the day.

Most players will be playing 3 matches a day, JV might play more than 3.

There usually is time to run to registration during the day.  There will also be time for lunch, but be smart about what you eat.

Be smart, play before try-outs start, and we’ll see you soon!

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